What If It's True
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What If It's True (#34)

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Haven’t you ever wondered if Jesus is who he said he was?

You probably know he made some amazing claims:
• That he is the God of the universe who came to live among us.
• That he is the only way to establish a relationship with a heavenly Father.
• That he died to set us free from sin and rose to guarantee eternal life.
• That anyone who believes in him will have a new life now and a life of eternal joy in the world to come.

Hard to believe?

Consider the facts:

1. Christianity is the only religion based on historical evidence. The Bible never calls people to blind faith, but always to faith based on fact.

2. The historical evidence of Jesus’ existence is overwhelming. Even unbelievers admit he once lived on earth.

3. Jesus’ resurrection has been more carefully examined than any other historical event. Many skeptical scholars became believers when they studied this historical record. Hundreds of people saw Jesus after his resurrection.

4. Everything in the character of Jesus suggests that he was the most ethical person who ever lived. This is not the type of man who would lie about himself.

5. Millions upon millions of level-headed, intelligent people in every part of the world testify to having a personal, life-changing encounter with the living Jesus.

These are the facts. But the most important fact is that everyone must decide whether Jesus is who he said he was. His claims are so great that either you believe him or you dismiss him as a raving lunatic.

Two billion people have taken an honest and critical look at the facts and concluded that Jesus is indeed who he said he was.

What about you?

If you are looking for a safe place to explore this, consider visiting a local church. Every week churches openly discuss such questions as:

• What if it’s true that Jesus is who he said he was?
• What if it’s true that Jesus is offering you a life-changing relationship with him?
• How can you have this relationship with Jesus?
• How can you know for sure you will go to heaven?

Price: $9.00

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