How To Use Tracts

Do you consider yourself an evangelist?

Jesus does. Spreading the Gospel is in the job description of every believer.

How are you doing?

Before you quit reading, I want you to consider something.

God uses crooked timbers to build his church. He does not leave this job to perfect believers. 

You probably already have a ministry: You take care of your own family. You help your church family. You watch out for your neighbors. You are building relationships at work. God can and does use you in many circumstances-in spite of your mistakes and weaknesses.

Given the opportunity, you would encourage someone to fall into the arms of a loving God. A tract can help you do that.

Tracts are crooked timbers too. A tract can never truly reflect the scope of God's love. And yet, nothing goes farther, costs less, or says it better than a Gospel tract. Most people have never read a clear presentation of the Gospel.

If you don't already use tracts, I encourage you to try it for a time. You might not be the one to stand on a street corner in a busy intersection handing out tracts (although you'd be surprised how effective that can be).

You eat out. Leave a tract when you leave a tip. Be generous--your behavior can turn people off to the Gospel too.

You pay your bills by mail. You don't know the person who opens the mail, but God does-and He has a plan for that person too. Enclose a tract in every piece of mail you send out.

You encounter people going through hard times. Hand them a tract that speaks about suffering. Are you sending a card? Enclose an appropriate tract.

When the store clerk wishes you a good day, thank her warmly and hand her a tract, wishing her a good day too.

Every time you use a tract you give the Holy Spirit new opportunities to work: a tract left on a gasoline pump, in a waiting room, in a Thanksgiving basket or a grocery cart . . . You will be amazed at how God has even used a tract rescued from the trash.

Not sure about using tracts? Try it for a month. Give out one tract a day for 30 days. Add it to your prayer list: "God use me to get this message into the right hands today," and then go about your normal activities tuned to the needs of the people you meet. At the end of the day, pray: "God I pray that the message I gave out today will accomplish Your will." Then rejoice that God gave you this day to serve Him.

Calvin Hekman, manager

The Tract League

*This is Tract No. 106, "Crooked Timbers". You can order this by clicking on the title or typing 106 in the browse window.

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