God Created Sex
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God Created Sex (#96)

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GOD created sex, and set rules to guide us in using this gift. Our culture has ignored the rules, distorted the place of sex in our lives and is paying a terrible price for it.

AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and abortions, broken family relationships, rape and sexual abuse: These are some of the massive problems we have brought upon us by our choice to ignore the clear and simple laws of God, nature and life.

IF everyone lived by God’s guidelines for love, sex and marriage, we would not suffer from these problems.

God has been clear about his desires for us regarding love, sex and marriage:
- Sexual relationships are to be confined to marriage.
- The marriage relationship is for life and is to be characterized by loving service to each other.
- The family unit is created by God as the foundation of all cultures.

When we follow God’s desires for us, we thrive. When we ignore God’s desires for us, we do so at our peril. We face the awful consequences of our sins, and we face the awesome anger of God.

God’s love is greater than His anger. In His love, He has provided a solution for our personal and national sins. He sent His only son Jesus to come and die for us so that everyone who believes in Him has his sins washed clean, and becomes a member of the family of God. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, when we fail God we now have a way back.

God’s desires that we repent, turn to Him and truly trust Him. To trust God is to take Him at His word, accept His son Jesus Christ, and obey His will. All the blessings of God await the person who trusts God.

If you choose, right now, to trust God, use your own words to tell Him that you want to:
Repent: Tell God that you know you have sinned against Him and want to be different.
Trust: That you are counting on God to accept Jesus’ sacrifice for you on the cross to make you right with God.
Obey: That you want to live a new life as a member of God’s family, and you need God’s help to do so.

Price: $7.00

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