Reasons Young People Consider Suicide
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Reasons Young People Consider Suicide (#213)

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My parents don’t know I’m alive.
It probably often feels that way. Parents worry about money, have many problems, are selfish. They think things are important and forget to show love to their own children. You need to help them know how you are feeling.

I’m not attractive.
Probably so. You may think other kids despise you because of your hair, or height, or skin color, or whatever. It just isn’t so. Sounds corny, but beauty is only skin deep. It’s what’s inside that counts. Ugly and handicapped people have succeeded. Go and talk to one of them.

My classmates ignore me.
Also likely true. Most kids—and adults—think of themselves first. Look around and see all the loners. Strange as it may seem, happiness is in serving others.

I have no money, job or future.
Yes, unemployment is high; money is scarce. But you don’t know the future. Poor people make it to the top. Study. Make yourself useful to someone. Work for low wages or no wages. Make a name for yourself that you are friendly and willing to learn.

I want to hurt the one who hurt me.
We all feel that way at times. Get even! But to take your life is wrong. And to repay evil for evil is wrong. Try forgiving! It will amaze you!

I’m in trouble and there’s no way out.
You may be in trouble, but there is a way out. Drugs, despair and death are not the answers. Talk to a counselor, a minister or some adult you trust.

I hate myself.
You may have been put down so often you think you are no good. That’s not true. You have worth. Don’t blame yourself for things not your fault. Do something worthwhile and see how it changes how you feel about yourself.

Others are doing it.
Yes, they are, and it really shakes the community. So if you think that it will draw attention to yourself and teach others a lesson, it will. But it’s not the answer. Wait a few days.

My troubles will never end.
It seems that way now, but you can pray, and God will hear. Once you are out of this life you can never return. What awaits you in the next life?

Nobody cares for me.
It’s a rough world. Even if no one else cares, God does. He created you, and He has some purpose for you. Ask Him what you should do.

My troubles are too big to handle.
It certainly seems so! And the troubles of no two persons are exactly alike, so no one can really understand you. But God can! All problems in life are due to sin, and Jesus Christ died on the cross to take away sin. He died so that you can live. Find out about Him. He’s waiting for you.

Price: $4.00

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