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also known as Faith, Prayer and Tract League

The Faith, Prayer, and Tract LeagueThe Tract League began publishing Gospel tracts in 1922. But 98 years later, with the decline of tract use in the U.S., we ended tract sales as of December 2020.

We have been affiliated with the Faith, Prayer & Tract League based in Chennai, India for 50+ years. It is a wonderfully productive church planting ministry. Rev. Mano Daniel is the India director. Over 500 new churches started in each of the past 5 years. 

Over the years we've been able to help Rev. Daniel with a full service print shop and a conference center with dormitory. The print shop produces around 25 million tracts a year in 19 languages. The conference center is used for training church planters and new pastors. Currently, Rev. Daniel mentors over 4,000 pastors throughout India. 

My prayer is that God will give you both the means and the heart to support God’s incredible work in India. All gifts will continue to be tax deductible.


Contact Information:

PO Box 141126

Grand Rapids, MI 49514

E mail: info@tractleague.com