News from India

Our network of over 4,000 pastors is back in action bringing the Gospel, leading Bible studies and supplying relief kits to those still in need.  If you can help, click on the Donate page and send us a gift for India.

The print shop has made multiple printings of our Covid tract. It lists the essential actions to keep yourself safe and ends with an invitation to fall into the hands of a loving God. Here is a testimony from Govindammal:

I am Govindammal. I am a scavenger  living in a street at Koyambedu Arikarai. I am a destitute woman. No one cares about me. I have no life, no family. During the pandemic, there was no one to care. I did not have my regular medicines due to lockdown, no food. I  stay on the street, hungry and  waiting for help. At this time, a brother whom I don’t know came forward to give me rice. He gave me a paper about Jesus and Corona. I am so thankful for the help which  came in time. I am praying to this new Jesus to bless the brother who took pity on me and helped me because of His Jesus – that’s what he told me.